Heat Wave 2040

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Some things deserve repeating.

One of those things, which happened to come up in conversation recently, is that climate change has its most profound effect on extreme events. Climate change is a change in the probability function (the odds for each possible outcome) of weather, and when you look at probability functions you find that if they change in the way we expect them to, it can increase (or decrease) the chance of extremes by a surprising amount.

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Capture CO2 under your new house


An idea for capturing CO2 & storing
heat under your new house

Question: “Is it a good idea or barmy?”

A heat store to capture CO2

P1. Store 50+ tonnes of rock that absorbs CO2 under (or near) a new house.

The mineral olivine is taken as the example for this note. It absorbs CO2 slowly at ambient temperature (25°C) but much faster at a temperature of 186°C. Continue reading Capture CO2 under your new house

An idea for storing renewable energy (2012)


‘An idea for storing renewable energy’
was first posted on ccq.org.uk, 25th March 2012

Question “Is it a good idea or barmy?”


1. There are times when renewable energy cannot be used. Sources tell me that 20% or more of wind energy is grounded (i.e. thrown away) because sometimes the generated energy cannot be used. Other renewable sources (solar, wave power) are also intermittent. Biomass is an exception. Continue reading An idea for storing renewable energy (2012)

Ideas for sustainable living: Butlin’s Holidays

This was an appendix to Garden Cities and Green Evolutionary Settlements but that’s buried too deep to casually reference. It is reproduced here to show that lifestyles can be affected by a different structure of local finances. I look forward to the Butlins designing Green Evolutionary Settlements to begin the transformation towards more sustainable ways of living.

Appendix 5: An example: Butlin’s holiday camps.

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Inconvenient information: Page not found

Post-war, Inter-war posters, 1947 (catalogue reference: NSC 5/243)

Inconvenient information: Page not found

Have you found that interesting page on a UK government website is missing? Do you suspect that it contained information inconvenient to present government?

Looking up a previous post on the effect of climate change on the safety of coastal nuclear power stations, I found :

Missing climate feedbacks

The report relies on the HadRM3 Regional Climate Model. This may underestimate or omit the effects of certain climate feedbacks which are mentioned on the NERC website:

– reduced sea ice cover – reflecting less of the sun’s heat back out to space, changing ocean circulation patterns
– less carbon dioxide absorption by the oceans
– increased soil respiration
– more forest fires
– melting permafrost
– increased decomposition of wetlands

I thought I might refresh my memory but the NERC link gives Continue reading Inconvenient information: Page not found