Ideas for sustainable living: Butlin’s Holidays

This was an appendix to Garden Cities and Green Evolutionary Settlements but that’s buried too deep to casually reference. I reproduce it here to show that lifestyles can be affected by a different structure of local finances. I look forward to the Butlins designing Green Evolutionary Settlements to begin the transformation towards more sustainable ways of living.

Appendix 5: An example: Butlin’s holiday camps.

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Inconvenient information: Page not found

Post-war, Inter-war posters, 1947 (catalogue reference: NSC 5/243)

Inconvenient information: Page not found

Have you found that interesting page on a UK government website is missing? Do you suspect that it contained information inconvenient to present government?

Looking up a previous post on the effect of climate change on the safety of coastal nuclear power stations, I found :

Missing climate feedbacks

The report relies on the HadRM3 Regional Climate Model. This may underestimate or omit the effects of certain climate feedbacks which are mentioned on the NERC website:

– reduced sea ice cover – reflecting less of the sun’s heat back out to space, changing ocean circulation patterns
– less carbon dioxide absorption by the oceans
– increased soil respiration
– more forest fires
– melting permafrost
– increased decomposition of wetlands

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Auntie Jayne solves your poem


Auntie Jayne solves your poem started in the magazine Mapping Awareness in 1994. Auntie Jane is an agony aunt who responds to poetic enquiries. Some will be published here.

Spot the Iambic hexameter.

A Poem
B. Carter Smith

Dear Lord

Make us

Eat our beef to melt the Arctic ice caps
Heat our homes to wipe the mid west farmers off the map

Give us

Cash fly to Spain and torch the Russian forests
… gas to fill our cars to shop at Tescos
… bricks and steel to conjure new tornadoes

Help us

Drown as many Bangladeshis as we can

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Is this called journalism?

16th September 2018: At Last…

Another journalist has discovered some bad news about Universal Credit, that the MSM ignored years ago: Universal credit ‘costs the self-employed thousands of pounds a year’

I read about this in 2015 on Making Workers Pay.

30th August 2018: Nonsense on Land Values

The Guardian and the Telegraph misunderstood ONS figures on land values.  The New Statesman was much better.

3rh August 2018: Population is a planet emergency but the MSM get it wrong.

The Independent, The Guardian and The Telegraph all miss the point that it is the children of the affluent that are the problem. Even then they get it wrong. See  Population is a planet emergency but …

Continuing to be shocked by the poor quality of the Main Stream Media, I’m starting this page. I will update it from time to time.

Global Warming: How Long Do We Have Left?

My thoughts on this…Just read it.

Open Mind

It’s already bad. But when will things get so bad that it is obviously — obviously — the worst problem in the world? How long until we go over the cliff? That depends on how much we’ve heated up already, and how fast we’re getting hotter.

We have already reached dangerous levels. The heat waves throughout the northern hemisphere this summer have cost plenty, to the economy, in human suffering, ill health, even lives lost. The wildfires in California this year were much worse than they would have been without global warming. Just last year we set a new record for the total cost (adjusted for inflation) of billion-dollar climate-related disasters. They cost the U.S. over $300 billion.

As bad as it is already, extremely bad is yet to come. Some say it’ll be when total warming since pre-industrial times reaches 2°C, others say — and I agree with…

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From an Agitating Cyclist. Pollution outside York Station.

I’ve missed the boat again. The consultation period for the new design for the front of York Station has passed. However, I looked at this video when I was in York Council’s West Offices:

A 3D virtual tour of proposals for
York Railway Station

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