Sadiq’s housing policies

Sadiq Khan’s housing policies may be strong
but they are not strong enough.

This piece follows a very moving article on Left Foot Forward…


The article is excellent but below is a response to this sentence …

“Thankfully, Labour’s London mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan is tackling this issue head on with a whole suite of policies to enable the u-turn on housing that is needed, so that ordinary Londoners, vulnerable Londoners, every Londoner can access the basics: food, water, shelter.”

My response…

Are Sadiq’s policies radical enough? Isn’t it true that

1) It is possible to create homes for about £20,000 if the land is provided just a bit more than agricultural prices (i.e. £1,000 per housing plot). Then cheap a starter homes can be delivered to the plots. (See ) Unlike Sadiq’s policies, a properly planned plotland development could happen very quickly.

2) We are facing a real climate disaster. Traditional bricks and mortar houses (as shown in Sadiq’s “Homes for Londoners”) have such large embodied carbon that they swamp personal carbon budgets and help screw the climate. (See )

P.S. The affluent cause much more carbon pollution than the poor. We should be taxing the affluent, the polluters, and giving to the poor, who pollute less.

P.P.S Why do most on the left push economic growth, which the climate can’t afford ( ) rather than redistribution. We don’t need to ruin the Earth just to give to the poor.

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